About Us

Due to building works starting in January 2023, Chapel Street Nursery School will move to a temporary site:

C/o Surrey Street Nursery School

Cutenhoe Community Learning Park

Cutenhoe Road


Beds, LU1 3NJ.

Contact numbers and emails will remain the same.

Once work has been completed, we will return to our original building in Russell Street.

Chapel Street School in Russell Street was built in 1880. It was built of Luton grey brick with a lighter red brick dressing and a roof of fine Welsh slate. The windows are of a gothic design and have become a famous feature of the school.

The school was opened in 1881 as a boys school with many of the boys coming from Park Street School which had been shut down at the time. The first head teacher was Mr Middle. Many of the boys were offered free places (usual price 2d per week - about 1p in today's currency) as their parents were in receipt of Poor Relief. Mr Pudephatt the Councillor opening the school said he was pleased so many 'rough boys' were attending the school as he believed in the free education for all from as young an age as possible. In 1889 girls were admitted to the school.

The school began as only boys, admitted girls then later infants. It changed its intake again to a girls only secondary school. The building also doubled up as a Youth Club and Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) Depot. The evidence of this runs under the school's playground as Air Raid Shelters.
In the early 1970's Early Years Education was given greater priority and Chapel Street became Chapel Street Nursery School. It first opened its doors to the very young in June 1973. In 1979 the first Mother and Toddler group was set up.

In 2002 more changes were made to the school as it became an Early Excellence Centre and we provided quality day care 46 weeks of the year.

In September 2005 Chapel Street Nursery School became a Children's Centre.

From September 2013 we stopped admitting children under 2 years old.

From January 2017 abc Children's Centre left Chapel Street and joined the Flying Start Children's Centre venues across Luton.

From January 2023 we were relocated temporarily to Cutenhoe Community Learning Park, Cutenhoe Road, Luton, Beds, LU1 3NJ while repair works are carried out at the Russell Street site.